Friday, February 24, 2017

Black Lab Linux Weekly 252 available

We are now providing weekly snapshots of Black Lab Linux available for download.  These are extremely experimental releases and may or may not have bugs.  These builds are NOT for production use but rather for people who dont mind testing beta software or who want to develop for Black Lab Linux or Linux in general.  For users who wish to have a stable long term supported system we recommend.

Black Lab Linux Stable

netOS Express (ADVISORY:  netOS Express does contain software that does not fall in line of the FSF's guidelines of Free Software and contains binary only software released under license)

Weekly 252 contains the following features:

kernel 4.8.0-36
Chromium Browser 56
Build Essentials
XFCE 4.12
Audacious Audio Player

Known issues:

Wireless and Bluetooth drop unexpectedly
Installer crashes when installing on an HFS volume
Oracle Ksplice crashes constantly

You can download Weekly 252 from the following download site: