Thursday, June 15, 2017

VirtualBox black screen for Black Lab Enterprise Linux

Some of our users have been plagued by the VirtualBox black screen.  During the bootup and install of the Live image everything works as it should but after reboot you get a Black Screen when the X server is supposed to start.  While we are working on a fix for this issue, here is a work around that will start the X server and give you full capabilities of your Virtual Machine.

Step 1

Start the Virtual Machine - You will reach the grub screen which looks like this

Scroll down to the second option, Advanced options and hit enter

You will be presented with available kernels and their recovery modes similar to this graphic

Scroll down to the second option that is the recovery option and hit enter.  You will have a verbose boot sequence that looks like this

Step 2 

Resume the normal boot - You will get a recovery boot menu.  This has many options that allow you to tweak different settings but for this exercise you will simply resume a normal boot

When you hit enter on resume, you have an additional dialog like the one shown below that tells you that you are leaving recovery mode and resuming a normal boot.

Click Enter

Step 3

Normal Boot - Although you have chosen normal boot you will still have a verbose (command line) boot

When that finishes it will initialize the login screen (lightdm) and you can login as you normally would

Step 4

Install Virtual Box Guest additions - You next step will be to install the VirtualBox guest additions.  This will allow you to get proper screen resolutions and additional hardware resources.

Currently this procedure works for:

Black Lab Enterprise Linux

Black Lab Enterprise Linux for Eduction

Black Lab Studio

Black Lab Embedded

Black Lab Server



Cinnamon Spin


Unity Spin