Contributions to the Black Lab Linux Project

Code Contributions

 To contribute code what will be required?  First you have to send us an e-mail of intent. Then register a user account with sourceforge and now the requirements for code contribution that MUST be met.

1.  All Code contributions must be in source format and a binary .deb file must be provided.

2.  All kernel revisions will be licensed under the GPLv2, any modified applications must be licensed under the creators original license.  Any custom apps can be licensed under the BSD license, GPLv2 or GPLv3.

3.  Custom apps will be looked at and determined if they focus on a certain need.

4.  Any kernel revisions must be compiled with squashFS support

Contributing Hardware
The Black Lab team also excepts hardware contributions under these guidelines.

1) The hardware MUST be in working order
2) The hardware CANNOT be over 5 years old

Please contact us here to discuss all hardware contributions

Contributing artwork or documentation
We accept artwork and documentation from the community. Documentation can be in the form of tutorials, workarounds and howtos.  Artwork and documentation is submitted with the acknowledgement that the contribution is royalty free and will be licensed under the LGPLv2