QT 5.2.1 for 64 bit based systems

QT 5.2.1 for 32 bit based Systems

HP Printing and Imaging Driver

HP Printing and Imaging Driver 3.14.6

To install open terminal and type the following commands

tar -xvf hplip-3.14.6.tar.gz
chmod a+x

Installation takes about 10 minutes.


OS/2 Color Pack - This is a collection of OS/2 Warp Style Window manager themes for the Black Lab Linux desktop.  extract the file to the /usr/share/theme folder.

** Published with express permission by International Business Machines (IBM) and Microsoft Corp

Extension Paks

Extension paks offer functionality that is not included in the base Black Lab Linux system.  We offer official extension paks as well as user-contributed extension paks.  For more information on how to create your own extension paks and to have yours listed on the website contact

Official Extension Paks

These are provided by PC/OpenSystems LLC and can be ordered for system integration and are covered by PC/OpenSystems LLC  supports subscriptions and multi-seat licensing

Pro Desktop Extensions Pak 1.1 - This package provides all applications, drivers and frameworks for enterprise desktop environments.  List of provided applications

Server Extensions Pak 1.1 - This package provides all applications, drivers and frameworks for deploying a small to medium sized business servers.  List of provided applications

Black Lab Studio Extensions Pak 1.0 - This package provides all the applications and tools to turn your desktop/workstation into a multimedia production unit.  Please view the Application list for application details.

Black Lab SDK 1.2 contains all the developer IDE and tools for developers to create rich, robust applications for Black Lab Linux.  Application List

User Contributed

These extension paks are provided by third parties and are released under the terms of the LGPLv3 and GPLv2.  There is NO WARRANTY  expressed or implied and these are ineligible for system integration.

User-contributed extension paks must meet the following criteria:
  • You must list system requirements in the extension paks data sheet, this includes RAM and Storage requirements as well as 64 or 32 bit
  • List of applications provided
  • Contact information

Amiga Emulation Extensions Pak - This package contains all application that the user will need to use Commodore, and AmigaOS operating environments in Black Lab Linux.  It also includes utilities for testing and recovering data files from Amiga hard disks.  AmigaOS 4 is not compatible with this package.  This package is provided by Shane Moore of Phoenix AZ USA.  List of Applications