Bug Reporting

Here is the place that you can report bugs and issues you have with Black Lab Linux, Black Lab Linux Enterprise, Black Lab Linux Education or Black Lab Embedded.  Please keep it clean and polite.  All spam will be deleted.


  1. In beta 6-2 when you open the on-board key board the icon in the panel is huge. it makes the panel take up 3/4 of the right side of the screen.


  2. Hi to all
    Good Work your Mate Release, do it further so.
    As information, the installer has crashed by the Instatllation with this Output"SourcePackage: ubiquity
    UpgradeStatus: No upgrade log present (probably fresh install)"

    I have solving it as follow.
    In the live version i have open a Terminal and have write "sudo apt-get update"
    and the Installation runs successful.

    Do your work further so

  3. Cannot download pre-release LXDE version 8 as the website said 403 - Forbidden

  4. Absolutely nice Distro. But when i try to change the system language to german, it don't change. Still english...

  5. Hi, love what you do with black lab, but i cant install the latest version (11). it get stuck in retrieving files at 50 from 53. tried numerous times

  6. Having the same issue as Johan. I'm trying to install so I can write a piece about BLL for Linux.com, but the installation continues to fail. I've tried using both the GNOME and the Unity versions, but both are incredibly slow to install and then fail. Is there something that can be done to overcome this issue?

    Thank you.


    1. I did finally get the Unity release installed, but boot up eventually winds up a black screen. Installing on VirtualBox. Thoughts?

  7. One of the issues we have found recently when installing in VirtualBox is if you try to install with the network connected it does install extremely slowly and when it does finish we wind up with a black screen. Try disconnecting from the network and doing the install. This may also fix your black screen issue.